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Providing you with the assurance you have the right person in the right role by enabling competency management.

Competency is the appropriate application of both knowledge and experience. In today’s dynamic business environment, the need to meet and then exceed customer expectations is a given.

eSQEP enhances your Learning, Performance & Succession processes by providing the assurance that your workforce is working at the right level for the roles they are assigned to, through a built-in verification workflow.

Whether you choose to integrate eSQEP with your Talent Management and HRIS solutions, or whether you choose to use eSQEP as a stand-alone application, eSQEP will support your company in achieving the level of assurance required by both your own processes and external regulators.


SQEPpay is a modern Cloud Payroll application, with an intuitive User Interface (UI).  It is fully integrated with HMCR for RTI submission as well as Cornerstone’s CHR module, e-days Absence Management & Kronos Workforce Management, along with accounting and pension solutions.

  • Eliminate the cost and time associated with routine tasks by using our unique Auto Pilot feature.
  • Automatically change tax codes and stop & start Student and Postgraduate Loans.
  • Automatically update hourly rates every year and when an employees’ age changes.
  • We continuously monitor the status of your employees and let you know if your auto enrolment responsibilities change.
  • Pay employees holiday pay as it’s earned or let them build up a pot to dip in to.
  • Manage multiple pensions schemes, supporting Relief At Source, Salary Sacrifice and Net Pay arrangements.
  • Customise payslips.
  • As well as statutory reports such as P30, P32 & P11s, we provide lots of other insightful reports.

connect provides an integration platform allowing your business to seamlessly move data between your systems using all the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

Whether your business requires system to system integration or integrations via a middleware, our connect solutions can be tailored to suit your business needs. Key Connectors include: 

  • Reduce time, risks and associated costs by replacing duplicate manual data management of your HR data with the automation provided by our connect platform.
  • HRmatch by Clever Connect simplifies the recruitment process and reduces admin work on high level recruitment using AI to match the best candidates to the roles they apply for. The connector developed by our amazing team provides the highest matched candidates and their scores within Cornerstone’s manage candidates screen enabling recruiters and managers to quickly identify the most suitable candidates to their open roles.
  • Now more than ever organisations need to look at offering virtual solutions. Our MS Teams PLUS connector for Cornerstone effectively delivers your learning and development sessions in your Team & Channel, enabling automatic roster updates based on time in session.
  • Integrate our eSQEP’s Skills Matrix module to easily and clearly see the skills and competencies of individuals within your organisation.
  • Kaltura connector brings your video curation directly in your Cornerstone Learning Management module. Design your video content and publish your content directly in your Cornerstone catalogue.
  • Hire in your platform of choice, such as Workable, and onboard your new starters within Cornerstone’s Onboarding module with ease.
  • Need a custom integration just for you? Then get in touch with our amazing team and let’s work together.

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