eSQEP Competency Management

How do you know your project team has the right skills & level of competencies to face the challenges a project entails?  Getting this right to significantly increases the likelihood of successful delivery, especially as the business world changes ever more rapidly.

eSQEP provides you with the visibility of assured competencies through a built-in workflow, allowing you to see how the skills & competency levels within your teams match what is required. 

eSQEP enables you to strategically understand where your workforce’s skills gaps are today compared to the future skills and competency needs of your business.

eSQEP is your robust Competency Management solution; a framework to recruit, develop, engage and retain your employees and gives your business a competitive advantage.



How eSQEP can help


Having the right people in the right roles increases company performance, reduces employee attrition and related recruitment and onboarding costs, increases employee engagement and supports skills development in your workforce.

However, few companies actively manage competency to assure themselves that they have the right people in the right role. Having a qualification means an employee has theoretical knowhow but it doesn’t mean they can deploy it successfully. Similarly, an employee with experience may not be able to apply that skill satisfactorily for the role they have. Which is why competency is an important, if often overlooked, dimension.

eSQEP assists managers in understanding the competency landscape of their teams, how that aligns to roles within their teams; enabling your managers to plan to resourcing today and for the future.

We’ve included all of the features you would expect to find in a competency assurance product.

Competency Profile

Your overall picture of your competency profile, enabling easy links to all claims and showing status during the assessment. Employees can proactively make new claims and manage inflight assessments, whilst managers and verifiers can view their assignments status anytime.

Competency Status vs Role Requirement

Managers and employees can view the progress towards achieving full competency against the job requirements.

Role Management

Build your role competency requirements taking into account competencies across multiple dimensions: knowledge, application and behaviour by function and grade combination.

Multiple Roles

Assign multiple roles to employees and view their competency requirements across all assigned roles.

Skill Matrix

View your and your direct & indirect reports skills and completions in one page. Launch your training or complete on the job training directly from eSQEP.

Dashboards & Reports

Managers can access a company wide view of competencies at any level of the organisation and within any business function, with capability to drill down to lower level reporting requirements.

Competencies defined and assured to your business needs

You are in control of what competencies, what levels of competency and who assesses those levels.

Active Directory Integrated

Seamlessly move your user data from your Active Directory in eSQEP to reduce manual maintenance. With the integration Single Sign On is achieved, ensuring access is streamlined and in line with your IT security requirements.

Integrated to Cornerstone

Enhance your workforce learning, performance and succession processes with the built in competency verification & assurance workflow. View your workforce skills in a simple to use, elegant skill matrix.

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What is Competency?

Competency is doing something efficiently and effectively through a combination of knowledge, experience and abilities of an individual