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Transforming organisations performance through technology and innovation

SQEPtech specialises in software development, implementations, integrations and ongoing managed services of HR and payroll technology

SQEPtech is an experienced SaaS implementation and software development practice.

We help you achieve value by addressing your biggest investment: your people.

We equip you with a wide range of solutions and services from recruiting through payroll to competencies management to help you transform and maximise your HCM.

We work with you to align your HR strategy and technology with your business requirements.
We employ agile methodology to implement your Cornerstone portal, and other SaaS applications.
We offer a range of standard and customised connectors to enhance your SaaS technology.
We offer application management , outsourced admin and coaching & training to help your teams.

Our Partners

We partner with the best industry leading software providers to keep you on top of your game and to help you digitize and transform your talent management processes and solutions.

Deliver a seamless automated talent management experience.

Streamline and innovate your recruitment process.

In challenging times, simplify the process of tracking & understanding staff absences.

Centralise media files in a single platform & automate content distribution.


Modern, intuitive and simple to use UK Cloud Payroll Solution with comprehensive APIs to enable a seamless integration with other systems.


eSQEP is your Assurance of Competence platform, where Performance, Learning & Talent Management processes are combined under the built in verification workflow, ensuring your workforce is working at the right level for the role or roles they are assigned to.


Choose from a range of connectors to seamlessly move data between your systems. From Recruitment, CoreHR, Payroll, Absence Management to Content Providers. Moreover, go virtual with our MS Teams connectors for Cornerstone.

Our Saas Solutions

We want to equip you with the best solutions to enhance your SaaS technology.

In the age of disruption, it is now more important than ever to remain competitive in the market and actively drive change.

That’s why we’ve developed our own products and APIs to help ensure that the best people are being hired, developed, trained, and compensated to maximise value for your organisation.¬†

Get Started

Whether you want to transform or optimise your Talent Management solutions, SQEPtech are here to support your vision.

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